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Custom Delivery Notes and Instructions

Customers can specify delivery notes and instructions to an admin.

  • Text area field on the checkout is displayed
  • Admins can preview the delivery note on the admin panel

OS 2.0.x - 2.3.x | CE 2.0.x - 2.3.x


Snapshot of Custom Delivery Notes and Instructions

Product Description

Delivery Notes Extension for Magento 2 enables a better shopping experience by allowing customers to provide a preferred delivery date or add custom delivery notes to the Magento admin.

In other words, in addition to choosing the most suitable date and time of the delivery, this extension enables customers to provide customized notes with detailed instructions such as “Please deliver the package after 10 AM. In case of my absence, leave it with my neighbor in 4C”. Extremely convenient and user-friendly. And the more details the customer provides, the easier it will be for the admin or the warehouse to organize and prioritize order delivery. Provide the best possible shopping experience and gain a loyal customer base.


In order for the extension to work properly, make sure to follow all the steps listed below.

Step 1 - Install the Extension

First, you have to install the extension in Magento 2. Should you need some help with the installation, you can find it in MagentoDevDocs.


Step 2 - Magento 2 Configuration Settings

To start with, please follow the path from the Magento 2 admin panel:  Store > Configuration > Delivery Notes.


Customize the settings of the extension according to your needs.


  • Enabled: Yes
  • Enable Service Unavailable Days: Yes (in case you want the delivery service to be available every day, choose No)
  • Service Unavailable Days: Choose the preferred unavailable delivery day/s, for example, Sunday
  • Date Format: Choose the preferred unavailable delivery date format
  • Delivery Date Hint: Select the preferred delivery date (100 characters max) 
  • Delivery Notes Hints: Add delivery notes/instructions (100 characters max) 


Step 3 - Frontend View

An admin can enable the Delivery Date column in order for it to be shown on the sales order grid. The delivery date can be filtered or sorted by the admin. 

The delivery information provided by the customer is also available on the admin order view page, which allows the admin to prioritize the order delivery.

Tech Specifications


Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce, Magento Commerce Cloud B2B

Magento version

Open Source 2.0.x - 2.3.x | Commerce 2.0.x - 2.3.x

Update cost

Free lifetime updates

Support period

3 Months Free Support


November 27, 2019


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