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  1. Facebook Pixel

    Facebook Pixel helps you monitor conversions and build audiences for your ad campaigns by tracking the activities and behavior of your website’s visitors. Get an insight into the interests of your Facebook Ad viewers or Magento web page visitors which helps you personalize ad campaigns.

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    Athena Search Integrator for Magento 2

    Athena Search Integrator for Magento 2 allows you to easily integrate your web store with our advanced search platform. With a simple installation, specific data will be automatically extracted from the website to the platform and you will gain access to the rich Autocomplete options, including the possibility to use landing pages for search results.

  3. REST API Log

    API REST Log for Magento 2 is an extension for logging API calls. These calls enable logging of specific store-related data and storing it within the database or a single log file. The logging of API calls is performed independently from the integration. In addition, you can choose whether to log all API calls or just the ones with a specific sender.

  4. SEO Essentials

    Everything you need to kick-start your Magento eCommerce SEO. Structured data, Facebook OG, SEO friendly URLs, custom hreflang and more is built-in and easily customizable from the admin configuration.

  5. Manual Reindex & Indexers Reset

    Magento 2 indexers stuck? All you need to do is install the extension and with one simple click reset indexers or choose to reindex all of your data from the Magento 2 admin panel.

  6. Admin Product Preview on Frontend

    Product Preview enables admins to preview frontend Product Pages from the backend. While editing the product, it will enable an admin to quickly jump to the Product page and preview the changes. This saves a lot of time because, without this extension, an admin needs to make several actions before finding the product on the website. The module supports multiple store views, and the preview is available even if the product is disabled.

  7. Social Share

    Social Share enables your customers to share Product Details from your website on various Social Networking sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Email. Embedding your website with share buttons allows your visitors to promote their favorite products online, which helps you increase conversion, raise brand awareness and exposure.

  8. Custom Delivery Notes and Instructions

    Delivery Notes enables customers to send custom instructions to admins that are processing the order. They can list specific instructions in order to state the specific details for the delivery. In addition, customers can add any type of detailed, customized delivery notes concerning the delivery under special circumstances.

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    Facebook Messenger Chat

    Facebook Messenger Chat helps you create a seamless user experience by connecting your Web store with your brand’s Facebook page. Enable fast and accurate solutions for your customers’ issues, increase their loyalty and enlarge your customer base. Just a simple setup is required to make your Chat’s logged in/out message and layout unique. Choose the Magento page type to display the Chat on.

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